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How to count elements in Jira
How to count elements in Jira

This article provides a detailed walkthrough for determining the number of records associated with specific types in Jira

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To calculate the usage-based pricing for Salto, Salto needs to count the number of configuration elements in your Jira instance.

The easiest and most accurate way is to sign up for Salto and let Salto do the calculation. This is the recommended option. Learn how

If you want to calculate the number of records before signing up to Salto, ask someone from your Jira team to log in to your Jira instance and follow the step-by-step instructions below based on whether your Jira instance is on Cloud or Data Center:

Count Discrepancies

It's important to note that Salto excludes some elements by default, so the number of records calculated by Salto may be lower than your count.

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