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Salto for Zendesk Support - Overview
Salto for Zendesk Support - Overview
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Salto’s Zendesk Support adapter allows you to:

  • Fetch and deploy common Zendesk Support configuration data, e.g., triggers, automations, ticket fields.

  • Deploy major configuration changes from a Zendesk Sandbox to your production environment.

  • Compare environments.

  • Document configuration changes such as SLA policy modifications.

  • Monitor specific configuration data changes of interest.

Authentication Instructions

In order to connect Zendesk to Salto you can either:

  • Connect via OAuth:

    • Enter the subdomain of the instance and click 'Authenticate'

      • Note: the subdomain refers to the prefix of your Zendesk instance URL. e.g., if your Zendesk URL is, then your subdomain is acme.

    • If you are not logged into your Zendesk account you will be redirected to the Zendesk login page to authenticate.

    • Click 'allow'

  • Connect with username and password:

    • Enter your user name, password and subdomain

🚧 Permissions

Make sure to authenticate with a Zendesk account with admin permission so that you can access your Zendesk configuration w/o any issues. For example, admin or business rules permission is required to manage trigger categories more info.

Supported Types

See the Supported Types page.

Zendesk duplicate names

If you get a message about duplicate Zendesk names during fetch, go to
the Salto ID collisions page to learn more about this issue, its impact and possible solutions.

Known Limitations

  1. As a general rule, we use the Zendesk API, so any limitation that the API has, we also have.

  2. Deploying phone numbers is not supported.

  3. Fetching and deploying workspaces is not supported in the Free plan.

  4. Salto can fetch and deploy organizations, but does not do it by default. If you want to do it, you need to add it to the includeTypes list in your Salto Zendesk configuration.

  5. Deploy of app installation with secure params is currently not supported.

  6. Salto cannot access the authentication credentials for webhooks. If a deployment plan involves creating a new authenticated webhook or changing the authentication type of an existing webhook, Salto will assign placeholder credentials (such as a dummy token or username/password), and after deployment, the user will be prompted to manually enter the correct credentials through the Zendesk UI.

  7. The following types are not deployable:

    • apps_owned (private app_installations are also not deployable)

    • channel

    • monitored_twitter_handles

    • oauth_global_clients

    • resource_collections

  8. The type agent_status is not supported at the moment.


Which Zendesk products does Salto support?

Salto supports Zendesk Support and Zendesk Guide at the moment. We are looking into supporting additional Zendesk products.

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