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Salto for Zendesk Guide - Overview
Salto for Zendesk Guide - Overview

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In addition to managing Zendesk Support with Salto, you can manage your Zendesk Guide account for the following use cases:

  • Fetch multiple brand configurations, each with its own articles and settings.

  • Compare articles across environments before deploying them.

  • Deploy major configuration changes from sandbox to production environment fast and safely.

  • Document configuration changes.

  • Monitor changes automatically for specific articles or complete brands.

Authentication Instructions

Follow the same instructions as Zendesk Support and then enable Zendesk Guide.

Enabling Zendesk Guide

In order to enable Zendesk Guide you need to follow the Zendesk Support and then mark the below checkbox

Zendesk Guide Supported Types

See the Supported Types page.

Known Limitations

  • Content blocks are not supported as they are not exposed via the Zendesk Guide APIs. Therefore:

    • Content blocks are not fetched.

    • Salto cannot tell if a certain article has content blocks enabled or not.

    • When fetching an article that includes content blocks, their content is stored as a regular content inside the article in Salto and there is no indication which part of the content comes from a content block and which doesn’t.

    • When deploying changes to an article with content blocks

      • Any of the changes, whether they are regular content, or content blocks, will not appear in the Zendesk Guide UI, even though Salto (per the Zendesk Guide API) indicates a successful deployment.

      • In order to see these changes, you will have to disable the content block setting for that feature via the Zendesk Guide UI. Only then these changes (both regular content, and content blocks) will appear as regular content in the article.


  • How can I pick which brands are fetched?

    You can determine which brands are fetched from Zendesk Guide by modifying the adapter configuration in the “brands” option. The default value will fetch all of the brands but this one for example will fetch only Brand1 & Brand2

    guide = { brands = ["Brand1", "Brand2"] }
  • How can I enable Zendesk Guide on an environment that was already configured?

    Go to your adapter configuration and add the guide related section like in the image above

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