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Last Change-by Username & Change-at Time Support
Last Change-by Username & Change-at Time Support
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Salto supports fetching elements' last-change-by username (author) and change-at time for some business applications.

This information is being used in environments' "Audit" tab, where you can filter changes according to their author and time, and in reports from monitors set in the "Monitor" tab.

Today, Salto supports fetching some of this information for these business applications: Salesforce, NetSuite and Zendesk.


Salto supports fetching elements' last-change-author and last-change-time in Salesforce, for the following:

  1. Standard object instances

  2. Custom objects, custom object instances and custom object fields

Any other elements, e.g., ones from installed packages do not have the additional change-by / at data.

Note that fields will be annotated with last-change-authors from the parent object as well as the field itself.


📘 Salto will only fetch NetSuite last-change-author information for changes made after an environment's first fetch.

Salto supports fetching elements' last-change-author in NetSuite, for the following types:

  1. subsidiary

  2. department

  3. classification

  4. location

  5. currency

  6. nexus

  7. account

  8. inventoryItem

  9. discountItem

  10. assemblyItem

  11. otherChargePurchaseItem

  12. descriptionItem

  13. lotNumberedAssemblyItem

  14. transactionbodycustomfield

  15. itemoptioncustomfield

  16. transactioncolumncustomfield

  17. entitycustomfield

  18. crmcustomfield

  19. itemcustomfield

  20. itemnumbercustomfield

  21. customlist

  22. customrecordtype

  23. role

  24. portlet

  25. usereventscript

  26. mapreducescript

  27. massupdatescript

  28. scheduledscript

  29. sdfinstallationscript

  30. restlet

  31. workflowactionscript

  32. suitelet

  33. clientscript

  34. bundleinstallationscript

  35. othercustomfield

  36. folder

  37. file

  38. savedsearch

  39. vendor

  40. otherChargeSaleItem

  41. serviceSaleItem

  42. nonInventoryResaleItem

  43. kitItem

  44. servicePurchaseItem

  45. paymentItem

  46. serializedInventoryItem

  47. lotNumberedInventoryItem

  48. serializedAssemblyItem

  49. nonInventoryPurchaseItem

  50. serviceResaleItem

  51. subtotalItem

  52. nonInventorySaleItem

  53. customsegment

  54. priceLevel

🚧 Note that Salto does not fetch NetSuite element last-change-time as of today. We plan to add this functionality in the future.


Salto supports fetching elements' last-change-author and last-change-time in Zendesk. To enable this, add the includeAuditDetails flag to your adapter configuration file fetch section:

zendesk {
fetch = {
includeAuditDetails = true

Once this flag is activated, the last-change-author information will be added after the second fetch (for changes that happened after the last fetch).

The following Zendesk types have last-change-author and last-change-time:

  • Automation

  • App Installation

  • App Owned

  • Article Translation

  • Brand

  • Business Hour Schedules

  • Business Hour Schedule Holidays

  • Category Translation

  • Custom Objects

  • Custom Roles

  • Groups

  • Locale

  • Macro

  • Organization Field

  • Section Translation

  • Trigger

The following Zendesk types will show last-change-author and last-change-time after creation, and only last-change-time once they're updated:

  • Custom Statuses

  • SLA Policy

  • Support Address

  • Ticket Field

  • Ticket Form

  • User Field

  • View

The following Zendesk types only display the last-change-time, as Zendesk does not supply the last-change-author information for them:

  • All Guide except for translations

  • All Guide elements (except for translations)

  • Dynamic Content Item Variants

  • Dynamic Content Item

  • OAuth Client

  • Organization Field Custom Field Option

  • Routing Attribute

  • Routing Attribute Value

  • Trigger_category

  • Ticket Field Custom Field Option

  • User Field Custom Field Option

  • Workspace

The following Zendesk types don't have last-change-author and last-change-time, as Zendesk does not supply this information for them:

  • All Salto created types

  • Account Setting

  • Brand Logo

  • Channel

  • Guide Settings

  • Guide Language Settings

  • Macro Attachment

  • Macro Categories

  • Target

  • Tag

  • Webhook

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