How to migrate configuration changes from sandbox to production
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User scenario

As a Jira/JSM administrator, you've got a request from a stakeholder to change transitions and statuses on an existing workflow. You've already made and tested these changes in your Jira sandbox. Now, you need to bring these changes over to production, making sure they don't mess up anything or cause trouble for users in production. The problem is, there's no easy way to automatically move these tested changes to production. This means you have to do it all manually, relying on your memory, or following notes on what was changed and in what order. This manual process is slow, error-prone and requires careful attention.

How Salto helps

Salto can help you move changes made in your sandbox to production in an automated way, while understanding all dependencies and ensuring nothing breaks production. After the configuration changes have been made in the sandbox, Salto can help you find these changes and move them to production, while understanding all implications and dependencies.

  1. Setup - Create two Salto environments (sandbox, production), connect the respective Jira sites and fetch their configurations.

  2. Compare sites - to reveal how the sites differ and use the built in filters and search bar to find the elements you wish to move.

  3. Element selection - Pick the elements you wish to move. Salto will automatically flag related elements that you may need to include in this migration.

  4. Preview and deploy - After your completed the element selection, you can preview you changes and deploy them to production with a few clicks.


  • 2 Sites + required - sandbox + production sites

  • The Sandbox site should be aligned with the production site

  • You’ll need to create two Salto environments and connect them to the respective Jira sites

  • You’ll need to fetch both Salto environments with the most up to date version of the configuration

Video guide

Step by step guide

  1. Compare sites - Compare your sandbox to production to find the changes you’ve made. You can use Salto’s built in filters to find changes based on their state;

  • Additions - elements that exist in your sandbox but not in production

  • Modifications - elements that exists in both sandodx and production but are not identical

  • Deletions - elements that do not exist in your sandbox but do exist in production

You can also use the Type filter to see specific configuration types (workflows, automations etc) or the free text search bar if you know the name of the element you’d like to copy.

type filter

2. Element Selection - Pick the configuration element you want to move, for example a workflow, automation etc. You can copy entire projects or specific components within it. Once the element is selected, Salto will automatically flag any related elements you may need to include for the migration to succeed. For example - if your workflow is using a field that does not exist in production, Salto will surface the field as a required dependency.

3. Adding dependencies to your deployments - No need to jump around between screens. If a dependency was detected, you can easily expand it to see more details and with a click of a button add it to your deployment packages.

4. Preview changes and deploy - Once you’ve completed your selection, you can preview all the changes you’re about to move. Salto will flag any potential issues with merging the changes while providing guidance on how to resolve them. Once you’re ready, you can click the Deploy button to move everything to your production site.

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