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Getting Started with Salto for Jira
Getting Started with Salto for Jira

How to start using Salto to explore your Jira instance, assess your changes' impact, and deploy configuration between environments

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Salto for Jira is a tool that allows you to easily explore your Jira instance, assess the impact of potential changes, and deploy configurations and customizations between different Jira instances. This article will guide you through the process of getting started with Salto for Jira.

Creating your first Jira environment

Then, create a new environment by clicking the + icon in the left bar:


Then, enter your Jira Cloud or DC credentials, and fetch your environment:

โ— In order to connect Salto to a Jira Data Center instance, you'll have to install the Salto Jira App in your instance, and make sure the Salto SaaS Cloud can connect to your instance.

Read our detailed instructions if you need additional help connecting your Jira instance to Salto.

Once your environment is fetched, you can start exploring it.

Exploring your environment

Once your environment was fetched, take a look at the Elements tree on the left. You can explore your entire Jira configuration there.

Open the Records node to see all your Jira configuration elements. You can find all your automations, custom fields, projects, workflows and all other elements here.

Searching in your environment

Use the unified search bar to search your configuration, including searching inside its content:

Impact Analysis - is my intended change safe to do?

Considering a change to a custom field, but not sure which automations or filters use it? Salto automatically analyzes you Jira environment and identifies how elements depends on each other.

Just click on any element, and see what other elements use it (or which elements it uses). In this example, you see that the "Compliance Type" custom field is used by a specific automation:

Deploying Jira configuration between instances

To deploy configuration elements between two Jira instances, connect at least two environments, then select the "Compare and Deploy" tab in one of them. Then, click "Compare and Deploy" to start your first deployment.

In the following screen, you'll have to select which elements to deploy. Once you've selected them, and made sure there are no required dependencies, continue to the Deployment Plan, and deploy:

Read more about Deployments in Salto

And much more...

To read more about Salto's capabilities, feel free to browse our "Using Salto" guide, and our in-depth "Salto for Jira" article. Good luck!

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