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How to Update Your Credentials in Salto
How to Update Your Credentials in Salto
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Occasionally, Salto may lose access to your business application. This may happen when your password expires or after a sandbox refresh that also refreshes your token. Here's a quick guide to get you back in action.

Steps to Regain Access

  1. Go to Environment Settings: Head over to the settings section of the environment you're having trouble with.

  2. Access Credentials: Look for the ‘Edit’ button next to your credentials. This could be under your team or personal section, depending on how you've set things up.

  3. Depends on Your Authentication Method:

    • Option A: OAuth Re-authentication: If you're using OAuth, simply click on the 'Re-authenticate' button.

    • Option B: Update Username/Password/Token: If you're not using OAuth, update your username, password, or token in the respective fields.

🔒 Security Note: Rest assured, your credentials are always encrypted. They're never displayed in plain text to anyone.

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