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Fix ScriptID Permission Errors When Deploying Custom Record Instances
Fix ScriptID Permission Errors When Deploying Custom Record Instances
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When deploying custom record instances using Salto, you might run into an error about insufficient permissions to set the value of the scriptid field:

You do not have permissions to set a value for element scriptid due to one of the following reasons:
1) The field is read-only;
2) An associated feature is disabled;
3) The field is available either when a record is created or updated, but not in both cases.

Follow these steps to overcome that error and deploy the custom record instances:

  1. Create a deployment and select the custom record instances

  2. Go to ⋮ > Configure Deployment > NetSuite > Configuration

  3. Click "Override Configuration Value" and type deploy.fieldsToOmit

  4. Paste the following config (replace customrecord123 with the scriptid of the custom record type):

    "type": "customrecord123",
    "fields": [

    Note: This will change the configuration of this deployment only. It won't affect the configuration of the target environment or other deployments.

  5. Click "Done", then "Deployment Plan", then "Deploy"

This way Salto will deploy the instances of the custom record type (e.g customrecord123) without their scriptid field, and NetSuite will give the instances new generated scriptids. If you would like the scriptids of the instances to match between the source & target accounts, you will have to change the scriptids manually in the NetSuite UI. You can use Salto to compare the accounts and see the different scriptids of the custom record instances.

See the different scriptids of the same custom record instance between the accounts.

Change the scriptid manually in NetSuite UI.

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