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Enhancing the Visibility of Bundles in NetSuite with Salto's SuiteApp
Enhancing the Visibility of Bundles in NetSuite with Salto's SuiteApp
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This feature requires Salto SuiteApp 0.1.9

Salto improves the visibility of bundles in NetSuite. It starts by creating instances for installed bundles, laying a foundation for improved change management and impact analysis. Following this, Salto adds references to the originating bundle for each fetched element, ensuring clear linkage and organization.
The capability to filter elements by bundle ID is the final step, offering users precise control and visibility over their configurations.
​Explore view of a bundle

Filtering by bundle in compare

Please note that Salto cannot create, modify, or remove bundles, nor can it add elements to a bundle. This limitation means that while Salto facilitates efficient management and analysis of existing bundle configurations, the creation and structural modification of bundles remain a manual process within the NetSuite platform.

Salto offers the ability to exclude bundles and their components in the fetch configuration.

This provides users with even greater flexibility and precision in managing their NetSuite environments, allowing for tailored fetch operations that align with specific project requirements and operational needs.

Excluding elements by using bundle ID

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