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Identifying Account Specific Values in NetSuite
Identifying Account Specific Values in NetSuite
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This feature requires Salto SuiteApp 0.2.0

Salto is now able to identify the real values behind ASVs [ACCOUNT_SPECIFIC_VALUE] in workflows and data elements (e.g subsidiaries, accounts, etc.) upon fetch & deploy.

On Fetch

Using Salto SuiteApp, Salto fetches the internal IDs of objects represented by ASVs and matches them to the names of the objects, then populates the ASV fields with those names.

Workflow Example - a condition inside a workflow state:

initcondition = {
formula = "\"Account\" IN (\"Account1\",\"Account2\",\"Account3\")"
parameters = {
parameter = {
Account = {
name = "Account"
Account1 = {
name = "Account1"
selectrecordtype = "-112"
value = "[ACCOUNT_SPECIFIC_VALUE] (Salto Account 1)"
Account2 = {
name = "Account2"
selectrecordtype = "-112"
value = "[ACCOUNT_SPECIFIC_VALUE] (Salto Account 2)"
Account3 = {
name = "Account3"
selectrecordtype = "-112"
value = "[ACCOUNT_SPECIFIC_VALUE] (Salto Account 3)"

In this example, the account names are identified and populated next to the ASVs, giving the user the visibility to the data objects that are used in the condition. The type of the objects is extracted from the "selectrecordtype" field ("-112" = "Account").

Data Object Example - a location object with a subsidiaries list in it:

netsuite.location Other {
name = "Other"
subsidiaryList = [

In this example, the ASV field is populated with both the type and name of the referenced data object.

On Deploy

Salto translates the ASVs back to the internal IDs that match the names in the target account and deploy the elements with the internal IDs in them.

You should verify that there are objects with those names in the target account.

For example, deploying a workflow with a recipient field with the value "[ACCOUNT_SPECIFIC_VALUE] (Salto User)" requires that "Salto User" employee will exist in the target account. If it's not in the target account, add it and fetch the target environment before proceeding with the deployment.

Future Support

We are working on increasing the coverage of ASVs identification, in workflows and in other metadata types like custom record types or scripts, in order to ease and automate the deployments of elements with ASVs.

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