Reverting deployments
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Occasionally, you may want to undo the changes you introduced in one or more deployments. You may want to revert these changes since you realized you would like to approach the problem these changes were supposed to solve in another way, due to a bug that was introduced in these deployments, or any other reason.

This flow allows you to revert Salto deployments.

If you would like to compare your environment’s current state with a previous version and manually select elements to restore, please refer to “Restoring an environment to a previous version

To revert these changes, go to the Compare & Deploy tab, in the deployment history table, select the successful deployments you would like to revert and click on the ‘Revert’ button.

In the next step, enter your desired title and click on ‘Create Deployment’ to create a deployment reverting the changes introduced by the selected deployments.

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