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Find environment changes & deploy
Find environment changes & deploy
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This mode helps you detect specific changes made in a specific source environment and deploy them to a target environment.
Ideal for collaborative work, when multiple developers or admins are working of different features, each in their own separate sandbox. Initially, each of these sandboxes is identical to a shared higher environment, like a UAT environment. After making changes in their respective sandboxes, users can deploy their individual changes to the shared higher environment. This mode ensures that each of these deployments does not override or conflict with changes made in the other deployments.

How to find changes in an environment & deploy

To find changes in an environment and deploy, go to the Compare & Deploy tab, then click on the blue triangle at the top right and choose the "Find environment changes & deploy" option, then click "Find Changes & Deploy".

Select the environment you want to find changes in and whether you are starting to work on your changes now or if you already started the work (this selection can be modified also after the deployment creation):

  • Starting now: in this case Salto's deployment record will start monitoring changes in the selected environment from its current state, as reflected in its most recent fetch.

  • Already started: in this case you will select an earlier version of the environment for comparison with the latest version. Note that previous versions of the environment configuration are available per each successful fetch of that environment.

Then select a target environment, a title for your deployment and click 'Create Deployment'.

Once the deployment is created, choose which changes in the source environment you would like to deploy to the target.

After selecting the changes you wish to deploy, click "Preview Deployment" to continue. Salto will then verify that selected changes do not conflict with other teammate's work and that your changes can be safely and fully deployed. You can read more about conflict resolution in detecting and resolving conflicts help article, and the rest of the deploy process, in the "Comparing and Deploying changes" help article.

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