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Limiting the number of Salesforce data records fetched
Limiting the number of Salesforce data records fetched

Customize which records are fetched by Salto e.g. maxInstancesPerType

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When using Salto for Salesforce, you can define which Salesforce Metadata Types you want Salto to manage, such as Apex Classes, Profiles, Objects, etc.

This is typically done by modifying the exclude and include lists in your environment configuration

For data records like CPQ, you also have the includeObjects and excludeObjects lists under the object

However, we also provide some mechanisms to have more granular control on exactly what is fetched and managed by your Salto environment.

For data records

For data records like CPQ, you can tell Salto to only fetch records where a given custom boolean field is true.

For example, if you only want to fetch certain Product2 records, you can create a custom field called managed_by_salto__c (the actual name doesn’t matter as long as it’s a Boolean) and set this to true for those records you want Salto to fetch.

Finally, you need to specify this field under the saltoManagementFieldSettings configuration, like this:

Please note if this field exists in other objects and those objects are under the includeObjects list, Salto will also check this field before deciding to fetch those records. In other words, you can use this field across all the objects you want Salto to manage, to decide exactly which records should be fetched.

For related parent records

Another scenario is where you have a lookup relationship from Product2 to Product_Master__c and you want to fetch only the Product_Master__c records that are linked to the Product2 records that Salto fetches.

To do this, you can include Product_Master__c under the allowReferenceTo object, like this:

Max records fetched per type

Finally, by default, we limit the number of records fetched to 5000 for a given object. You can override this limit by setting maxInstancesPerType to a number greater than 5000.

Alternatively, you can set it to -1 which will bring an unlimited number of records.

(!) We do not recommend using this setting unless you’ve been told to do so by Salto Support.

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