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How to Exclude Tags in your Zendesk Configuration
How to Exclude Tags in your Zendesk Configuration

Configure your Salto Zendesk environment to exclude tags, by treating tags as plain text rather than configuration elements.

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Tags in Zendesk, while useful for categorization, are not standalone entities. This can lead to unneeded complexity in Salto. To avoid these issues, you can configure Salto to exclude tags from your Salto environment configuration.

How to Exclude Tags

To exclude tags from your Zendesk adapter, modify your configuration file as follows:

zendesk {
fetch = {
exclude = [
type = "tag"

Add the `type = "tag"` under the `exclude` section of your Zendesk fetch configuration. This action will prevent tags from being treated as configuration elements in Salto.

Additional Information

  • If you choose to exclude tags, they will simply appear as text.

  • This configuration can be reversed at any time by removing the exclusion of tags from the configuration file.

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