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In addition to comparing two environments and deploying changes from one environment to another, Salto also supports direct configuration edits on a specific environment.

This can be useful when you need to make some configuration changes, but doing them using the service UI is too slow or cumbersome. For example, finding and replacing some string which appears multiple times in a Salesforce Flow, or deleting massive amounts of Zendesk Macros.

In Salto, this action is also done through a deployment (similarly to the regular "compare and deploy" operation). You'll be able to edit one or more NACL files, have Salto verify that your edits are valid and deployable, then deploy them to your chosen environment.

How to edit an environment

To edit an environment, go to the Compare & Deploy tab, then click on the blue triangle at the top right and choose the "Edit an Environment" option.

Then, click "Edit", choose which environment you wish to edit, and give a name to this deployment. Then, click "Edit & Deploy" to get started.

Once inside the deployment, you can choose which elements to edit. You can either edit using Salto's built in NACL editor, by clicking the "Edit" button on an element, or edit files with your favorite IDE by editing your pull request branch.

Edits are made directly to the elements' NACL. You can make as many edits as you wish, including deleting elements or adding new ones.

After making your edits, click "Preview Deployment" to continue. Similarly to a regular deployment between 2 environments, Salto will then verify that all your changes can be safely and fully deployed. You can read more about this, and the rest of the deploy process, in the "Comparing and Deploying changes" help article.

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