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How to optimize the configuration size
How to optimize the configuration size
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In Salto, it is possible to selectively manage portions of your application's configuration.

Reasons for excluding elements

  • Performance Optimization: Excluding non-critical elements can improve system efficiency.

  • Cost Reduction: Limiting the managed elements to those crucial for business functions can minimize resource usage.

Optimization options

  • Each type of element in your configuration provides distinct exclusion possibilities:

    • For some types, it is possible to exclude inactive records.

    • For others, specific names or file types can be excluded.

  • It is also possible to extend your application with additional packages, such as Salesforce CPQ, Zendesk Guide, and ScriptRunner for Jira.


Be aware that excluding elements can affect dependency analysis and potentially lead to deployment failures if required elements are excluded.

Further Information

If you have specific optimization needs, please reach out to Salto for personalized guidance.

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