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What this warning means and how to resolve it

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When fetching a Salto environment that has CPQ or configuration data enabled, you may receive a warning similar to the following:

Your Salto environment is configured to manage records of the Product2 object.

17 Product2 records were not fetched because they have a lookup relationship to one of the following objects:



And these objects are not part of your Salto configuration.

Here are the records: ...

As the error explains, this happens when the objects you have configured to manage by Salto have lookup relationships to other objects that are not managed by Salto.

In the example above, Product2 is configured to be managed by Salto, but Product_Master__c is not.

To fix this, you must include those objects in your Salto data configuration:

You can include the objects in either of 2 places


This will include all records of this object, which will enable to original records to be fetched along with their references to the newly added record.


This will allow references to these objects, even if those objects are not included in the includeObjects list.

We recommend this option.

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