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Deploying from SFDX/SDF Pull Requests
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With this feature, users can directly use the URL of an SFDX or SDF pull request to kick off a deployment to a target environment. Simply provide the pull request URL, select the target environment, and the system will extract the configuration changes from the pull request to create a deployment.

To utilize this, first ensure your Salto account is connected to Git and has the necessary access to your SFDX or SDF repository. To learn more about how Salto integrates with Git, please refer to our guide at Connecting Git with Salto.

Then, select the Salesforce or Netsuite environment you want to deploy to. Once inside, click the “Compare & Deploy” tab at the top bar. This is where you’ll see all deployments - ones that are being planned, run right now, or past deployments.

Click the chevron next to “Compare & Deploy”, change the split button to SFDX/SDF Pull Request and click on it.

Enter the URL of your pull request under the Source text field and click on the Compare & Deploy button to generate a deployment preview that captures the changes in the pull request.

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