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Deploy from SFDX/SDF pull request
Deploy from SFDX/SDF pull request
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This functionality enables users to initiate a deployment directly from an SFDX or SDF pull request into a target environment. Just choose the pull request and the target environment, and the system will gather the configuration changes from the pull request to set up the deployment.

To make use of this feature, first confirm that your Salto account is integrated with Git and has proper access to your SFDX or SDF repository. For detailed instructions on linking Salto with Git, please visit our guide at Connecting Git with Salto.

To begin, ensure your Salesforce or NetSuite application is linked to the appropriate SFDX or SDF branch. You can set this up in the "Environment Settings" tab, under the "Application Connections" section.

Next, head over to the "Compare & Deploy" tab located in the top navigation bar. Here, you'll find all deployment activities, including those being prepared, currently in progress, or previously completed.

Click on the dropdown arrow beside "Compare & Deploy", switch the selection to “Deploy from SFDX/SDF Pull Request”, and then click on it to proceed.

A dropdown menu displaying all open pull requests targeting the SFDX/SDF branch linked to the environment will be shown. Choose a pull request and click the "Create Deployment" button to produce a deployment preview highlighting the changes within the selected pull request.

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