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Optimizing Salto Fetch Times with Okta Rate Limits
Optimizing Salto Fetch Times with Okta Rate Limits
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Fetch times when using Salto with Okta are inherently tied to Okta's API rate limits. If you're experiencing prolonged fetch times or have been notified about exceeding rate limits during a Salto fetch operation, there are measures you can take. This article offers guidance on how to fine-tune both Salto's environment configuration and Okta API token settings to ensure smooth and efficient fetching.

Adjust Client Configuration in Salto

Salto's environment configuration file allows you to set parameters for both the number of concurrent requests and the number of requests per minute. Note, however, that these configurations are global and apply to all endpoints โ€“ they cannot be set individually for each endpoint.

Configuration example

okta {
client = {
maxRequestsPerMinute = 700
rateLimit = {
get = 30


  1. Navigate to the environment's settings.

  2. Select "Edit configuration file" -

  3. Modify the file with your preferred configuration settings -

Adjust API Token Settings in Okta

Okta API Tokens are, by default, configured to have 50% of an API endpoint's rate limit when created through the Admin Console. You can modify the default value for the token that Salto uses. You can do this through the admin console. For a comprehensive understanding and step-by-step instructions, please refer to Okta's documentation.

By following the above measures, you can significantly improve fetch times and minimize the chances of hitting rate limit walls.

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