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Why we recommend you disable CPQ triggers when deploying CPQ data
Why we recommend you disable CPQ triggers when deploying CPQ data

CPQ triggers can fire during a data load and this may not be what you want

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When deploying CPQ data with Salto, you will see the following recommendation before the deployment starts

This is recommending that you disable the standard CPQ triggers that come with the managed package. These triggers can be globally disabled on the CPQ configuration page

Why this is recommended

A CPQ deployment, in the end, is a data deployment, just as if you were uploading Leads with the data loader (with the caveat that we have a lot of custom logic to make this process very smart).

Disabling triggers when doing a data load is a common practice in the Salesforce ecosystem. Some reasons to do this include:

  • You may be updating records just for cleaning purposes, and you don't want any business logic (emails, etc.) to fire in response to this update

  • You are concerned with hitting governor limits on apex triggers that may fire in response to the upload

In the end, this is a decision for your development team to make. We are only reminding you that this is something you may want to do.

After your deployment succeeds, we will show you a recommendation to turn them on again.

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