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How to run Apex tests during Salesforce deployment
How to run Apex tests during Salesforce deployment

Learn how to specify which Apex tests are run when deploying Salesforce changes

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The behavior of Apex test runs in a Salesforce deployment depends on whether you are running a deployment validation or a "real" deployment.

Deployment validation

During a deployment validation, a.k.a check-only deployment, Salto will ask you which tests you want to run as part of the validation

If your validation succeeds, including apex tests, you will be able to perform a "Quick Deploy"

Other deployments

For "normal" or "real" deployments, you can configure the Apex test runs following these steps

1- On a deployment, click the three-dot menu and select Configure Deployment

2- Click Configuration next to the salesforce checkbox

3- From here, you can specify the apex test behavior.

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