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Deploying elements with invalid permissions
Deploying elements with invalid permissions
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NetSuite prevents the creation or update of objects containing an invalid permission. The SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) error lists the permission ID (e.g. LIST_FIND) with the invalid permission level that must be updated to a valid permission level to deploy the object.

How do I solve this issue?

Check the NetSuite docs for a list of the valid permission levels for the permission listed in the deployment error. You can either update the permission level in the NetSuite UI or edit the object's NaCl file before deployment.

1. Editing the object in the NetSuite UI

Find the object in the NetSuite UI and update its permissions to one of the valid permissions listed in the NetSuite documentation. After saving the changes in NetSuite, run a fetch to pull in the latest changes. (Note: run a Quick Fetch and specify the object type in the options to reduce the fetch time) After the fetch completes, continue the deployment.

2. Edit the object's NaCl file

From the deployment preview step, select the object with the invalid permission and click the "edit" button.

Locate the permission by its permission ID and edit the permission level.

Click "Update Plan" to recalculate the deployment plan with the updated value and continue with the deployment.

Note: updating the object's NaCl file in the deployment plan will not update the object in the source environment.

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