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Salto for Okta - Overview
Salto for Okta - Overview
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Salto’s Okta adapter allows you to:

  • Fetch and deploy common Okta configuration data, e.g., applications, policies, rules.

  • Deploy major configuration changes from an Okta Sandbox to your production environment.

  • Restore configuration from a previous snapshot.

  • Compare environments.

  • Document configuration changes such as policy modifications.

  • Monitor specific changes of interest, e.g., schemas.

Connect your Okta Instance

Supported Types

See the Supported Okta Types page.

Known Limitations

  1. Support of Okta’s classic engine is available, yet limited and active work in progress. If you run into any issues, please reach out to us @

  2. Application integration limitations:

    1. Any app configuration changes done using Salto change only the Okta side. Additional setup might be needed in the integrated app.

    2. Sharing application key credentials across multiple apps is not supported yet (Okta’s doc)

  3. Okta Workflows are not supported.


Does Salto manage secrets?

No, Salto doesn’t manage or store any secrets

Does Salto manage users or admins?

Salto doesn’t manage users, user-roles assignments or user-group assignments.

Please note that most Okta customers do not manage users directly in Okta, but rather sync them via Active directory, or another system, to Okta.

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