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Deployment preview errors - Overview
Deployment preview errors - Overview
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After comparing the source and target environments of your deployment and selecting the differences you would like to deploy, you reach the 'Deployment Preview' step. In this step Salto prepares your deployment plan - which API calls to make, in what order, and which selected changes can or can’t be deployed because of various constraints. Once the plan is ready, you can review it.

Any changes that can't be deployed are automatically flagged as 'Skipped'. You can review each of the skipped changes, understand the reason, aka deployment preview error, they are skipped and learn what you can do to mitigate the issue.

There are various reasons that trigger deployment preview errors. For example some types or values may be unknown to Salto in case that the credentials used for fetch provide limited access rights to the specific type or value in Salesforce. In this case, Salto will suggest to review your Salesforce access permissions. Another key reason is API limitations, where Salto will suggest to make the desired change directly in Salesforce. There are many other potential errors reasons, which make the deployment preview step quite helpful 😁

In some rare cases, you may want to bypass the error and attempt to deploy the skipped change to Salesforce. If you decide to do so, you can ignore the deployment preview error by using the following deployment configuration override.

  1. Click on the vertical 3 dots icon at the top right and then on 'Configure Deployment'.

  2. Click on 'Configuration'.

  3. Click on 'Override Configuration Value'. Note that you may have to scroll down in the modal in order to reveal this option.

  4. The error property has the following structure: salesforce.validators.VALIDATOR_NAME, where VALIDATOR_NAME should be replaced with the specific error type

    1. The error type will be one of the following:

      'managedPackage' | 'picklistStandardField' |
      'customObjectInstances' | 'unknownField' | 'customFieldType' |
      'standardFieldLabel' | 'mapKeys' | 'multipleDefaults' |
      'picklistPromote' | 'cpqValidator' |
      'sbaaApprovalRulesCustomCondition' | 'recordTypeDeletion' |
      'flowsValidator' | 'fullNameChangedValidator' |
      'invalidListViewFilterScope' | 'caseAssignmentRulesValidator' |
      'omitData' | 'unknownUser' | 'animationRuleRecordType' |
      'currencyIsoCodes' | 'dataChange' | 'duplicateRulesSortOrder' |
      'lastLayoutRemoval' | 'accountSettings' | 'unknownPicklistValues'
      | 'dataCategoryGroup'
    2. Per the error text, identify the error type, e.g. for the above mentioned "Unknown picklist value..." error example, your error property is salesforce.validators.unknownPicklistValues

  5. Add the error property, e.g. "salesforce.validators.unknownPicklistValues" and press enter.

  6. Add the following property value: false.

  7. Click 'Done' and then 'Recalculate Plan'.


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