Salto for Stripe - Overview

Learn how to manage your Stripe configuration with Salto

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Salto's Stripe read-only adapter allows you to:

  • Fetch the main Stripe entities.

  • Compare configuration entities.

  • Document configuration changes.

  • Monitor specific configuration data changes of interest.

Supported Types

  • Country Spec

  • Coupon

  • Product

  • Report Type

  • Tax Rate

  • Webhook Endpoint

Authentication Instructions

  1. Obtain your Secret Key: search for “Developers > API keys” in the search bar in Stripe’s dashboard, reveal the Secret Key and click to copy it. When logging in with Salto, you will be asked to provide this Secret Key.

  2. Add a Stripe service to a Salto environment, by selecting the environment --> "Settings" --> "Add New Service".

  3. In service credentials, provide the key from step 1.

Known Limitations

  • Some entities are not supported due to technical limitations, such as SKUs and shipping rates.


Where are my Price instances?

You can view the Prices related to a certain Product under the “product_prices” field in the product’s instance. Salto does not show Prices as separate instances.

Where are my Plan instances?

You can view your Plan instances under the Price they are based on. If a Price behaves as a Plan, its “type” field will have the value “recurring”, and it will also have a “recurring” field which contains the information about the plan.

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