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Supported NetSuite Types
Supported NetSuite Types
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Salto leverages NetSuite's SuiteCloud Development (SDF) for managing:

  • All configuration items under NetSuite's customization tab

  • FileCabinet (Partial)

  • Roles

  • Saved Searches

  • Enabled Features

  • Reports

  • Financial Layouts

On top of that, Salto's SuiteApp for NetSuite enables management of the following types:

  • FileCabinet (Full)

  • Data records support, e.g. Subsidiary, Currency, Department, Items, Account, Location, etc.

  • Preferences (Settings) - UserPreferences, CompanyInformation, AccountingPreferences

  • Custom Records - more information can be found here

πŸ“˜ Fetch Configuration Properties: Learn about the default NetSuite fetched types, how to customize your configuration and more here

Supported Item types

Salto supports all Item types specified in "Lists > Accounting > Items":

  • Assembly

  • Description

  • Discount

  • Download Item

  • Expense

  • Gift Certificate

  • Inventory Item

  • Item Group

  • Kit/Package

  • Markup

  • Non-inventory Purchase/Sale/Resale Item

  • Other Charge Purchase/Sale/Resale Item

  • Payment

  • Service

  • Subtotal

Excluding elements

You can edit the Salto Configuration File to exclude specific elements that you do not wish to fetch and manage with Salto. You can choose which types to exclude, and also which instances of these types. To do this, use the exclude list under the fetch section of the Salto Configuration File.

For example, this file excludes all reports which have "test" in their report name:

netsuite {
fetch = {
include = [
type = ".*"
exclude = [
type = "Report"
criteria = {
name = ".*test.*"

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