Cloning a deployment
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(!) Available in the Pro and Enterprise plans

After a deployment is done, you can clone it from its summary page or from the deployment page. This helps you start a new deployment, while maintaining the element selection from an existing one.

This is particularly useful in two cases:

  1. When a deployment fails, or partially succeeds, you can open a new deployment with the same element selection in order to retry deploying the failed changes after fixing the deploy problems.

  2. After deploying a change between 2 environments, you can easily promote that change to a third environment (for example, after deploying from a Sandbox environment to UAT environment, you may want to deploy the same change to the Production environment).

When cloning a deployment, you will be able to choose different source and destination environments. Regardless of your choice, whatever elements were selected in the original deployment will be selected in the new one.

Note that after cloning a deployment, some deployed elements may not appear in the new one. This may happen if they were already deployed, and are now identical between the source and destination environments - therefore, they do not appear in the element selection phase which only shows elements which differ between the two environments.

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