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Failed to fetch from NetSuite due to 'Invalid Login Attempt' error
Failed to fetch from NetSuite due to 'Invalid Login Attempt' error
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Errors: Invalid login attempt. For more details, see the Login Audit Trail in the NetSuite UI at Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > View Login Audit Trail

What triggers this error?

This error message can occur when Salto runs a fetch and NetSuite returns an error that the provided credentials are invalid.

How can I solve this?

  • Confirm that the authentication tokens for SDF and the Salto SuiteApp are correct and have not been revoked. (Note: authentication tokens in sandbox instances need to be recreated after each sandbox refresh)

  • Confirm that the tokens were created using an admin role.

  • Confirm that the "REST Web Services" and "Token Based Authentication" features are enabled in your NetSuite account.

  • Check the Login Audit trail for a "NonceUsed" error. This error can indicate a concurrency limit being reached. You can check the Integration Governance page to review how many concurrent connections are allocated to your integrations to confirm if all the connections are being consumed. If necessary, adjust the concurrency limit of your integrations to ensure that the account is under the limit. (Note: Salto's default concurrency limit is 4. The limit can be overridden in the fetch configuration using the concurrencyLimit option.)

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