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In Salto you can define multiple Environments (such as “Production”, “Staging” and “Dev”), each connected to one or more Business Applications (such as Salesforce, NetSuite and Zendesk). Then you can Fetch the configuration of those Environments into NaCl files, compare the different Environments, and Deploy changes into those Environments. Moreover, you can link those Environments to Workspaces which enable you to work on and evolve your business application’s configurations.


NaCl is a structured, declarative and human-readable configuration language, designed to describe business applications' configuration and the relationships between different configuration elements.

NaCl should not be confused with Knuckles, Salto's Mascot :)



A Salto environment can have one or more business application account connections, e.g., Salesforce, NetSuite. Each connection links to a specific account or instance of that business application, e.g., a specific sandbox account. A typical Salto environment represents a real world environment, e.g., "Production", "Staging" and "Dev".
Environments are shared and accessible to all of your Salto organization members.


Fetch updates your Salto environment configuration data based on the current status of your business applications that are linked to the environment. During a fetch operation Salto connects to the environment's linked business application accounts via their APIs, reads their configuration, and translates them to NaCl files. Learn more here.


Deploy updates your business applications configuration data based on the current status of the relevant Salto environment. During a deploy operation Salto connects to the environment's linked business application accounts via their APIs and updates their configuration based on the content of the NaCl files.

(!) Not available in the Free plan


A Salto workspace links to one or more Salto environments. It allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Execute fetch operations to create and/or update the workspace NaCl files.

  • Modify the NaCl files manually or by aligning configuration elements from one environment to another.

  • Execute deploy operations to update the actual business applications’ configuration based on the NaCl files content.

  • Compare workspace environments and identify differences.

  • Maintain a common configuration folder, while keeping a single copy of the NaCl files across all of the environments in the workspace.

Salto workspaces are private 'local' copies of your configuration metadata, and cannot be accessed by your other Salto organization members.

(!) Not available in the Free plan

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