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Exploration & Planning

Salto users are able to:

  • Explore & search their business application configuration

  • Find hardcoded values to identify and plan bulk changes

  • Understand how different configuration elements relate to one another, e.g., identify dependencies, see who reads-from or writes-to a certain field in the system

  • Compare and identify changes across different environments, e.g., staging and production

👍 This set of capabilities exposes the impact a certain configuration change may have on other areas of the application, thus helping admins and developers to better plan their work and deliver it to production with confidence.

Version Control & Documentation

Salto users are able to leverage standard Git solutions for collaborating with other team members as well as for maintaining a documentation trail of the various business applications’ configuration changes.

Maintaining a Git based documentation trail can be useful for:

  • Compliance - Any configuration change is represented by a git commit and can be linked to the relevant task(s) in your ticketing system. This links the business requirement with the actual configuration change that was made in order to implement it.

  • Root Cause Analysis - In the event of an incident, admins and developers can leverage the documentation trail to better understand recent configuration changes and pinpoint the underlying issue faster.

  • Visibility and Control - Salto tracks and documents all of the configuration changes so that teams can always know who made a change, when, and what exactly has changed.

(!) Not available in the Free plan


Salto can be configured to trigger a user notification upon changes in sensitive configuration areas, e.g. get notified via email or slack whenever a field that is integrated with another business application gets deleted or modified.
Notifications include information about:

  • What has changed.

  • How it was changed, including a comparison (diff) between the previous and current values.

  • Who changed it.

(!) Not available in the Free and Pro plans

Deployments & Change Management

Salto users are able to deploy changes to their business applications’ configuration. Deploying configuration changes from Salto introduces the following benefits:

  • Built in environment comparison tools can be used in order to define the scope of the deployment based on the differences between two environments.

  • Get deployment scope recommendations based on Salto’s ability to detect the relationships between different configuration elements, e.g., when adding a certain script to the scope also add all the fields that are being accessed by that script.

  • Make use of Salto’s Find & Replace tools in order to safely and quickly deploy bulk changes. e.g. mass updates to email templates content.

  • Update your Sandbox or parts of it based on the most recent version of the Production environment.

(!) Not available in the Free plan

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