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Salto is building a new and unified approach to managing business applications’ configuration. By translating the configuration into friendly text files, admins and developers can enjoy the benefits of code, such as version control, environment comparison, and collaborative deployment flows, while still working in a low-code framework.

The spark for Salto came from realizing that the challenges business operation teams face on a daily basis have many similarities to challenges that DevOps professionals have been facing. If the challenges are similar, we realized that their solutions can be similar as well. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we borrowed tested and proven practices from the software development and DevOps disciplines and applied them to the process of business applications’ configuration management.

Built on top of its own open source project, Salto offers one unified language to manage configuration data across different business applications. It provides native integrations with leading business applications to add structure, visibility and controls. Salto empowers teams to automate and streamline the way they plan, edit, deploy, track, debug, and document configuration changes across different SaaS applications.

Business Applications

Salto currently supports the following business applications:

More applications are added on an on-going basis.
Please visit our Supported Business Applications page for more information.

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